Step away from the typical style of sports images and into a powerful more dramatic look starting this year for Central Oregon's athletes.

     One day only Anglinphoto will be creating powerful and dramatic images of this years fall athletes at their home-studio location on the North East side of Bend.

     These stunning new images will be made on Sunday September 26th between 10:00a.m. and 3:00p.m. for parents and athletes who want images that stand out from those of the typical team/memory mate type production line.



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     The following packages are based on one pose, additional poses can be added to a single set up for $10 per pose up to three poses.

 1) 1-10x13 Giclee poster $49

 2) 1-10x13 Giclee poster 1-4x6s and 4 2x3 wallet size $59

 3) 1-10x13 Giclee poster two 8x10s and 6 2x3 wallet size $75

We have single and multiple pose set ups

     These collections are generated from a single pose gift size image set up and a three pose poster set up.

A) 1-10x13 Giclee poster (3 pose set up)

3-4x6s 3-2x3 wallet size (single image set up)


B) 1-10x13 Giclee poster (3 pose set up)

2-8x10s 4-4x6s and 6 2x3 wallet size (single image set up)


C) 1-10x13 Giclee poster (3 pose set up)

1-10x13 gecle' poster of your single image set up as well as 2- 8x10s 4-4x6s and 6 2x3 wallet size (single image set up)


Individual images after purchase of an appropriate package:

4x6 $30

5x7 $35

8x10 $40

4 2x3 wallets $30

8 2x3 wallets $35


To get  directions to our home studio and answers to any questions we may not have answered

feel free to call 541.330.3953


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